aita gene BRCAPlus Introduction

What is BRCA1, BRCA2?

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are both anti-oncogenes, which plays an important role in regulating cellular duplication, DNA injury repair and cellular normal growth direction. The mutations in BRCA genes make these functions in disorder, thus cancer cells multiplies. Besides these two genes, BrcaPlus also test PALB2 and RECQL which are newly confirmed to be high-associated with breast cancer as well, so that testing is more significant.

  • Gene coverage more comprehensive

    Second generation high-throughput sequencing method is adopted to test all the exons in BRCA1/2 genes whose total length is about 18500 bases. Every exon in target area will be tested more than 500 times to reach accuracy 100%. PALB2 and RECQL will also be tested, so testing coverage is more comprehensive.

  • The unique Chinese own breast cancer gene database

    Compared overseas breast cancer gene database with Chinese ones set up by ourselves (already stored tens of thousands of patients and healthy people), we can get more specific mutation results for Chinese people.

  • Lower testing fee

    The independently developed experimental methods greatly reduce the testing fee. After a long period of improvement, it can get the target area more accurately and comprehensively, but lower cost compared with other domestic gene testing enterprises.

  • Professional return-visit and therapy guidance

    Set up risk prediction and prevention guidance. Early screening and prevention helps reduce the morbidity and mortality of breast cancer, especially for patients’ relatives with BRCA positive. As to patients with BRCA positive, please consult clinicians for specific advises.

Who needs to do the testing

BRCA testing example

The Angelina Jolie Effect

Angelica Jolie had a preventative double mastectomy on 2013 after being told positive for BRCA1 gene mutation. This news encouraged more women to test their cancer-associated genes. People call it “The Angelina Jolie Effect”.

BRCAPlus Testing procedure

About us


Shanghai aita genetics, founded in 2015, is a high-technology enterprise engaged in building human genome database, high-throughput sequencing data analysis, human genetic data analysis, gene database software development and online & offline genetic testing. We’re committed to developing advanced high-throughput gene testing methods for patent declaration, in vitro diagnostic kits and high -throughput data analysis products, which can lead people to a higher quality and healthier life. Look forward to make a contribution to human gene exploration and technology achievements.

“One hundred thousand human breast cancer gene mutation database” project was started on Oct 2015, which is a unique Chinese gene database consisting numerous data collection and analysis. Cooperated with multiply authoritative hospitals, it particularly studies people from different ages, regions and ethnic groups. Along with clinical recommendations from domestic tumor experts and doctors, it can offer more evidence for clinical diagnosis, then clinical data in turn support the development of Chinese own genetic testing products. Aita gene provides breast cancer patients free testing service and test result reports and will also share updated technology achievements for the first time.

Aita gene take "healthy life, splendid gene" as company philosophy and hope to develop the most professional products and service as well as offer fast and affordable "win-win" screening for the public. Then more patients can benefit from personalized cancer management and their relatives benefit from cancer prevention strategies.